Survive vs Thrive Mentality

A quiet thought download for the day with the government announcing a nationwide lockdown for the next month or so….

This survive vs thrive concept surfaced a few weeks back while talking to a close friend who had nervously bought his first home quite some time ago. He was renovating it, originally with the intention to live there but had now decided to sell. He was in line to earn circa $150,000 (although we are now in limbo a little with COVID 19). He brought very well and can do a lot of the work himself. Even if he paid someone to do the work he would probably make a lot of money and the bonus is his time would be his own.

Now yes, he got “lucky” with a few variables on this property transaction but what is luck really. He is out there doing it and deserves everything he gets. This experience has really woken him up and he has decided that he wants to quit his job in a few years as he thoroughly enjoys the process of doing up a property and will probably be financially better off, in the long run, that way.

Conversely, I have also had a meeting this week with someone looking to purchase a home who, by their own admission is very picky. He and his partner were looking three years ago before deciding to rent for a bit longer. A couple of offers were submitted but nothing serious. He is now back in the market and would have to spend nearly $150,000 more for the same property.

Two people, similar financial situations, one took the bull by the horns and profited, one did not.

As my friend and I were talking he spurted out “more people need to live in a thrive rather than survive mentality”. My guess was 95% of people live in a survival mentality and he said he thought it was probably even higher. Survival mentality to me can mean many things:

  • You feel like you have made enough calls in your sales job so you stop for the day, even though you haven’t met your target and still have time
  • You live in a constant state of worry 
  • You don’t invest in a tool that is really going to pay dividends for your business because of the fear of spending too much and going into debt (smart spending is needed here by the way not frivolous)
  • You don’t buy a property as you are scared of the financial constraints it may tie you too
  • You don’t buy a second or third investment property as you are scared of the financial constraints it may tie you to
  • You stay in a relationship that is going nowhere (or unfortunately may be emotionally or financially abusive) because of the fear of leaving/loss
  • You stay in a job you hate or a company you don’t enjoy being in because of the security it offers

We need to think bigger and break the constraints of the mind. A survival mentality is something I am constantly working to snap myself out of. It is very easy to fall into the comfort zone where you are happy with how things are going in your career and personal life. Or you are just focused on paying the bills for the week and not thinking beyond that. There is a lot to be said for the satisfaction obtained from pushing the boundaries, advancing your business by integrating new ideas and having a great home life.

With what is transpiring in the world at the moment most people will be retreating like a hermit crab. The brave and bold see these times as an opportunity to progress. “With everything comes opportunity” – I say that a lot. But I believe wholeheartedly that even in adversity there is an opportunity. Sometimes more opportunity in adversity.

Every day is a new day, push yourself out there, be consistent, revel in the uncomfortable and progress will inevitably be made.

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